Shoei Hornet DS: The Swiss Army Knife of Helmets

hornet With more and more riders gravitating to dual-sport and adventure motorcycles, it is clear why helmet manufacturers are scurrying to develop equally versatile lid designs.   Shoei has been a top-tier helmet company for decades.  It follows that their dual-sport (DS) helmets are among the most respected in the industry.

The Shoei Hornet DS is hard to beat for all-terrain protection.  What you get with the Hornet DS is really three helmets in one.  It can be worn with the visor and shield in place for true dual-sport riding.  It can also be worn with goggles and visor for pure dirt situations.  Finally, it can be worn without the visor but with the shield for high-speed street riding.

The Hornet features a very technical ventilation system that adventure riders swear by.  The liner is fully removable for cleaning and the cheek pads are available in various sizes for custom sizing.  The helmet is both DOT and Snell certified.

In an Internet search, the best price I found on the Hornet DS was at Competition Accessories.  The retailer also offers a page that shows a 360 degree view of the helmet and a nice video of its technical features.

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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