Shark Evoline 2 ST Modular Helmet

ST EPS System
Shark Evoline 2 ST Absolute

Shark has taken their very popular EvoLine helmet line and once again improved it. The EvoLine 2 was barely released 18 months ago and they have released another upgrade, the EvoLine 2 ST.

Shark Evoline 2 ST Fusion

The Evoline 2 ST will have a unique EPS liner that will be pre-fit to hold Sharks very own Bluetooth system, Sharktooth. There will be adjustments in the cheekpads and around the ears for the Sharktooth to fit in the helmet without you even feeling it inside the helmet. There will be a special cut out in the back of the skull to house the battery pack.

Shark Evoline 2 ST Matte

Shark EvoLine 2 ST is a 2-in-1 helmet that converts from full-face to an open-face and back again.

Shark Evoline 2 ST E-Tec Lumi

It has a Retractable interior anti-scratch sun visor. The External visor is a high safety toric anti-scratch/anti-fog compound.

The  visor is simple to dismantle without tools for easycleaning. The Chin strap has an exclusive and patented Tech Move System guide and can be opened with one hand.

Shark Evoline 2 ST Wayer

The closing system brackets are stainless steel.

Shark Evoline 2 ST Moovit

All the vents are inset. The helmet is complete with hermetic watertight edging and an anti-backwash deflector.

The meryl interior can be fully dismantled and is washable and adjustable. the chin strap secures with a Double-D ring. Like most Shark Helmets it comes complete with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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