The Vegas Bellagio Robbed by Motorcyclist (video)

bellagio The Las Vegas Bellagio is probably best known for its amazing orchestrated water fountain.  However, lately it has been in the news more for a bold heist.  On December 14, a robber in a motorcycle helmet bolted from the ritzy casino with $1.5 million worth of poker chips.  After exiting the casino, he jumped on his motorcycle and rode off.

Police said the gun-wielding robber grabbed a box of chips from a craps table.  He had gamblers and dealers freeze at gun-point during the heist.

Authorities believe he may be the same thief who made off with $20,000 a week earlier from the tournament poker room of the Suncoast Hotel and Casino, although that thief wore a different color helmet.  The Suncoast is 20 minutes from the Bellagio.

The last laugh may be on the moto-thief.  Bellagio officials say that they have many measures in place to help identify the thief if he is to try to cash in the chips in the casino.  The chips are specific to the Bellagio and are useless elsewhere.

We are not sure if the thief rode off on a Suzuki Bandit!

Take a look at the surveillance video of the escape.

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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