Pedrosa Prepares for MotoGP Return

dani_pedrosa Dani Pedrosa was hitting his stride in the 2010 MotoGP season when crashed during a practice round at Motegi in late October. Pedrosa would need to get surgery on his collar bone, and would miss three of the last five races in 2010. Despite his injury late in the season, Pedrosa was still able to hold onto second place behind Jorge Lorenzo.

Pedrosa has now been given the OK to start to training again in January, and will have one month to get in shape before the first MotoGP test of 2011 in Sepang. Pedrosa competed in the final two races of the 2010 season, but suffered from numbness and a lack of strength during the races. Pedrosa and his doctors worried that he would have to undergo another surgery, but the Repsol Honda rider has just been cleared for his January return.

The first MotoGP test of the 2011 season will start on February 1st in Sepang, Malaysia.

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

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