Parking and finding the Perfect Spot


Finding the perfect parking spot has always been the Holy Grail for anyone who owns a motorcycle. To give some examples on how important parking and finding the elusive perfect parking spot here is a list of a few items related to the subject. Professor Simon R. Blackburn wrote a report on some of the mathematics of parking. hopes to minimize finding a parking spot by securing parking spaces in at least one part of the world – big cities for people to purchase. had written a two part story on finding the perfect parking spot. Now there is a solution for the motorcycle rider seeking the ultimate parking spot for your prize possession, . is building a community to locate great parking spots throughout the United States. Since December 6th the website has been indexing spots in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA. Many of the parking spots are hidden gems free of meters and ready for the snatching. One of the newer updates from the website has them indexing motorcycle parking in Seattle, Washington. They should have roughly 100 spots in the downtown Seattle area within the next few days. is now open for public registration, so hop on over to the website and register for FREE.

Written by John campbell, Courtesy of

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