First Time Host MotorLand Aragon Wins Best Grand Prix Award

motorland_aragon The prestigious IRTA Best Grand Prix award usually goes to a circuit that has been in the GP business for a while. But this year, for the first time ever, a first time host was given the award. The 2010 IRTA ‘Best Grand Prix’ award went to MotorLand Aragon, which was added to the 2010 circuit as a replacement track just 6 months before the race date.

IRTA President Herve Poncharal talked about how MotorLand Aragon put on a phenomenal show in a relatively short time as he announced the award.

“This is a very special year for this award. We’ve had the pleasure of honoring many great tracks, but none in the first year of their existence. And none which had only six months to organize their first ever grand prix. That they were able to do it was impressive and historic; they are the first track ever to win the award on the first try,” said Poncharal. “As we all know, Spanish motorcycle fans are second to none. There was some concern that having a fourth race in Spain would be a problem, but that wasn’t the case. The race drew a very strong crowd of over 70,000 who were treated to fantastic racing at a facility that is so much more than a race track. It’s also fitting that they join Jerez, Catalunya, and Valencia as a winner of the award.”

Motorland Aragon joins tracks like Catalunya, Mugello, Jerez, and Philip Island as a winner of the IRTA Best Grand Prix award, and will look to duplicate its amazing feat in 2011 when it takes its rightly spot on the MotoGP calendar.

“Having won in their ‘rookie’ year sets a standard that won’t be easy to match,” Poncharal said. “How do you improve when you’re chosen as the best? However, I’m confident that won’t be a problem. Jose Angel Biel, President of MotorLand Aragon Circuit, and his staff worked tirelessly for six months to make the race the success it was, and the day after the race they began planning for 2011, when they take their proper place on the calendar.”

IRTA Trophy Roll of Honor: motorland_aragon2

1984: Silverstone / GB.
1985: Hockenheim / Germany.
1986: Nurburgring / Germany.
1987: Assen / Netherlands.
1988: Suzuka / Japan.
1989: Donington Park / GB.
1990: Jerez / Spain.
1991: Donington Park / GB.
1992: Catalunya / Spain.
1993: Eastern Creek / Australia.
1994: Eastern Creek / Australia.
1995: Mugello / Italy.
1996: Mugello / Italy.
1997: Mugello / Italy.
1998: Phillip Island / Australia.
1999: Brno / Czech Republic.
2000: Mugello / Italy.
2001: Catalunya / Spain.
2002: Valencia / Spain.
2003: Valencia / Spain.
2004: Brno / Czech Republic.
2005: Valencia / Spain.
2006: Catalunya / Spain.
2007: Brno / Czech Republic.
2008: Losail / Qatar.
2009: Jerez/Spain.
2010: MotorLand Aragon/Spain

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

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