Arai Vector 2 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Arai Vector 2 Solids

How do you add more features to a motorcycle helmet model famous for its less-is-more appeal, and still be faithful to the original’s concept? That’s the question Arai answers with its brand new Vector 2 Helmet for 2011.

Like the original Arai Vector model introduced four years ago, the new Arai Vector 2 Helmet is created for the rider who doesn’t want or need a lot of bells and whistles, but who still wants the quality, fit and performance that have been a hallmark of the Arai brand for over 60 years.

Arai Vector 2 Schwantz

Arai says it concentrated on the key areas of ventilation, interior fit, field of view, and shell features to create significant improvements in the Vector 2 with only a modest price increase.

These allow the Arai Vector 2 motorcycle helmet to remain true to the original Vector’s mission of Complex Simplicity, combining the complexity of Arai’s construction (that emphasizes protection and performance “in the real world of unpredictable streets rather than just in the controlled world of testing labs”) with Arai’s build-philosophy that emphasize a motorcycle helmet’s function instead of flash and fashion.

Arai Vector 2 Marker

New ventilation features include the ACF-2 front intake vent with a more complete closure mechanism, and the ACR-2 rear exhaust vent/wing combination. The combination of the three front air inlets on the leading edge of the rear vent are tuned in Arai’s wind tunnel to accelerate air movement over the shell’s exhaust holes to “markedly improve ventilation performance and efficiency in interior-heat removal.”

Arai Vector 2 Launch

The Vector 2 motorcycle helmet also has the fully-removable interior liner of Arai’s more expensive models, versus the fixed liner of its predecessor.

A new comfort and fit feature that could mean a lot to the Vector 2’s popularity are its unique peel-away cheek and temple pads.

Arai Vector 2 ID

Now, rather than having to buy optional pads of varying thicknesses to custom-tailor the Arai fit and comfort even more precisely, the Vector 2 helmet cheek and temple pads have 5mm peel-away layers that allow the rider to do it individually if needed.

The new wider eyeport, borrowed from Arai’s latest Corsair-V and RX-Q models, gives 5mm more peripheral vision per side for a wider view and awareness of the world around the motorcycle rider. This shield’s mechanism also improves the shield system’s functionality.

Arai Vector 2 Neevsey

Shell improvements on the Vector 2 include larger side exhaust ports that increase airflow while keeping noise levels to a minimum.

A new chinvent design and placement within the chin bar gives the Vector-2 its own distinctive look. The newly-designed Hyper-Ridge encircles the shell bottom to enhance strength while providing a larger bottom opening to make it easier to take the helmet on and off-all without increasing shell size or weight.

Arai Vector 2 Thrill

The end result of these Vector-2 motorcycle helmet features is a new model that Arai says offers the unequaled benefits of its three-generation-long obsession with rider protection, comfort and performance, while still remaining at the lower end of its price range.

The new Arai Vector-2 motorcycle helmet is available in many solid colors and graphics, in sizes XXS through XXXL.

Buy yours now at Competition Accessories.

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