Swigz Racing Pits Electric Against Petrol Bikes in 2011

swigz_racing 2010 was an amazing year for electric bikes. Electric motorcycles took the Isle of Man course for the first time. The TTGXP and the ePower series both set records for electric motorcycle racing. But still, many people in the motorcycle world have doubts about the speed, power, and future of electric motorcycles. All that could be put at rest on January 9th, when an electric motorcycle competes directly with the petrol bikes at the Auto Club Speedway in California.

Swigz Racing claims to have the most powerful electric racing motorcycle in the world. Swigz says that their bike can hang with the MotoGP bikes, and is the “world’s most powerful and technically advanced electric superbike.” On January 9th, they’ll get their chance to back up their claims.

The Swigz racing bike wasn’t able to compete in the TTGXP or the FIM series this year because of its weight, so this will be one of the first true tests of the bike on a competitive racing circuit.

“We have to thank WERA Motorcycle Roadracing for inviting us into their series. Our electric motorcycle will compete head on with real racing superbikes such as the Ducati 1198 and KTM RC8 as well as other established manufacturers, and we expect to show the world that electric technology can achieve lap time parity with petrol superbikes,’ says Chip Yates, the bike’s rider and owner of Swigz Racing. “We’re not going on track to make up the numbers; we’re going out to compete in order to raise our game and catch up to these petrol guys.”

The Swigz Racing battery powered bike will compete at various WERA Road Racing events this year. It will compete at Miller Motorsports Park, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and many other tracks this year. Yates says that his bike has a better power-to-weight ratio of current 600cc bikes, and by the end of the year, could have a power-to-weight ratio comparative to 1000cc bikes.

Is motorcycle racing about to change? The electric vs petrol battle begins on January 9th.

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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