Team Betti Moto Wins FIM’s Environment Award


Electrical motorcycles are getting faster and more efficient everyday. These green machines are now being recognized for their environmental impact. The International Motorcycle Federation has just awarded Team Betti Moto the Environment Award for 2010.

The independent jury for the 2010 FIM Environment Award, which consisted of Mr. Andrzej Witkowski, Member of the FIM Board, Ms. Jill Savery, Olympic Gold medalist and environmental consultant, and Mr. Christopher H. Cordey, expert in sustainable strategy development, chose from nine candidates that were up for the Environment Award. The FIM chose Team Betti Moto from Italy for its work in the development of electric motorcycles.

The FIM gave Team Betti Moto the Environment Award for the following reasons:

  • Recognizing electric motorcycling is part of the future of motorcycling and is clearly linked to environmental protection by reducing emissions
  • Social aspects relate to educating young people about the negative impacts of thermic engines on the environment
  • Team Betti Moto have committed themselves to electric motorcycling since 1998: they have shown personal will, tenacity, dedication and commitment, both financially and with their time, to develop electric motorcycling and they became the first FIM e-Power International Championship winner
  • Team Betti Moto has clearly shown environmental and technical innovation

Team Betti Moto won the first annual ePower Championship this year.

The FIM also gave a special mention to the Circuit of Catalunya. Catalunya obtained a certified environment management system, which reduced the environmental impact of the circuit.

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

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