Let There be Light! PIAA Lighting Accessories

PIAA There are several segments of the motorcycling world that are perpetually looking for more light.  Sport-tourers, touring riders, Iron-Butts, adventure riders, and competitive rally racers are constantly looking to illuminate their worlds.  To this end, one of the most respected names in accessory lighting for motorcyclists is PIAA.

PIAA makes applications for virtually any motorcycle you can think of.  The company does not just offer the bulbs and casings – they manufacture intelligent mounting options for street, dirt and competitive applications.   PIAA makes light bar mounts for applications like the BMW GS adventure bikes.  In fact, the big German dual-sport looks almost naked without accessory lighting.  The company also makes more subtle lighting options for sport and touring applications.  If you are a cruiser pilot, PIAA makes crash-bar mounts and lights to add safety and style and your ride.

If you are looking to add visibility to your night riding, head over to Competition Accessory’s website to peruse the full line of PIAA lighting and accessories.  Then you can roll on down the road singing, “I can see clearly now.”

Competition Accessory’s PIAA offerings: http://www.compacc.com/Piaa
PIAA Website: http://www.piaa.com/

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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