The Harley-Davidson Café in Sin City: Worth a Look

Harley Davidson Constructed of Vines and Leaves

Harley Davidson Constructed of Vines and Leaves

I’ve never been big fan of “theme” restaurants…or “theme” anything for that matter. So as I walked into the Harley-Davidson Café under the huge Heritage Softail bursting from its exterior, I wasn’t expecting much. In a nice surprise, the Las Vegas Strip restaurant had enough cool stuff to make it worth a visit.

The most eye-catching vision upon entering the massive eatery, is a two-story American flag constructed of vertically hanging chains. Advertised as the world’s heaviest American flag, I have no reason to doubt the claim. Soon you see the most intriguing feature in the café. Seven Harleys hang from a huge conveyer chain that snakes its way through the restaurant. The bikes climb in a slow ascent in front of the chain flag until disappearing into a high wall. The bikes then reappear in a path that cuts through the second level bar. Very cool.

In true Las Vegas form, there is a Harley wedding chapel on the second floor. The chapel is flanked by a chopper on one side and a Harley built for Billy Joel on the other. The chapel overlooks the neon Las Vegas Strip. Your nuptials can be officiated by Elvis, if you so desire.  One of your wedding guests will be a huge chrome eagle hanging from the roof that has a V-twin as a heart.

There is enough celebrity memorabilia to keep you occupied while you wait for your order to arrive. There are tanks autographed by everybody from Chuck Norris to Lynn Swan to the Yankees Baseball Team. You’ll also find everything from vintage dirt track race leathers to Jon Bon Jovi’s snake skin jacket in wall-mounted displays. Of course, there is a Captain America replica chopper on which you can have your photo taken (for a fee).

Since it is a café, I should make some mention of the food. It’s good. They advertise the “best barbecue in Las Vegas”. Just like with the “world’s heaviest flag”, I have no reason to doubt the claim. The food was good and the service was fast and friendly. All in all, the Harley Café is a place any motorcycle enthusiast will find interesting. It’s loaded with American motorcycling history and over-the-top Vegas glitz.  Upon leaving you’ll find two Harleys constructed of vines and leaves (no jokes about Harleys being so slow they grow roots!).

HarleyWallTK WeddingTK HarleyConv HarleyFrontTK

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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