Yamaha Project 14B

A Special version of the Yamaha R1 outfitted with:

Ohlins Road and Track forks – Superbike suspension performance for your street or track machine. Bolt-on fork kits feature 43mm upside-down forks with inner steel legs and polished titanium nitride surfaces for minimal friction losses. Fully adjustable rebound, compression damping and spring preload; all adjustments can be made externally


Ohlins TTX 336 rear shock – Features high- and low-speed compression and rebound damping. This allows a huge range of adjustments with equal increments of force throughout the adjustment settings range even the shape of the damping curve can be changed to suit all types of tracks and conditions.

Galfer Wavy brake discs – Each Wave® design goes through an extensive brake dyno test which allows evaluation of its performance in conditions no rider can create. Patented Wave® design includes not only an outer Wave® but also an inner Wave® which equalizes heat transfer and dissipates much faster

Two-finger ASV levers – All ASV levers feature an adjustable reach. All the levers are built using the high quality components including chrome steel precision sealed bearings, stainless steel pivot and bushing parts.

Gilles rear sets – Present an aggressive, muscular appearance. Beyond the aesthetics, the rear sets are a highly technical apparatus. With all-aluminum construction and CNC machining and micro-adjustability.

Akropovic Carbon slip-on exhausts – Is the perfect choice for the sport bike rider that demands world-class quality and performance at a reasonable price. Bolt-On Systems will add horsepower, reduce weight, and give a motorcycle a distinct exhaust note that is unmatched by the competition.

Unveiled at the NEC in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Yamaha shows that a street bike can become a superbike with bolt on parts.

Project_14b-R1-14B Project-14bYamaha-R1-Badge

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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