Schuberth C3W: A Female Specific Helmet

C3W-01After working at a motorcycle shop I got used to telling women, “No there isn’t such thing as a female specific helmet.” Well now I shall eat my words. Schuberth, a German company has been around for over 70 years, has always focused on innovation and product development and now has presented the world with a helmet specifically designed for women.

I always figured a head is a head, which may vary from person to person, but I didn’t think there was a definable difference between men and women (besides generally women’s heads are smaller). According to Schuberth’s research women have both different head and facial shapes. Not only are women’s heads smaller but they also have a narrower facial structure. This helmet also claims to be the smallest, lightest, most compact “flip-up” helmet on the market.

Beyond the special women-specific design the helmet also offers other, high quality helmet features like memory foam padding, a micro-fiber, antibacterial, hypo-allergenic liner and a aerodynamic shape to increase stability and preventing buffeting.

You may have discovered many helmets sizes are adjusted through the interior fit, meaning a small helmet may use the same outer shell size as a large helmet. This causes smaller people obvious annoyance of a bulky helmet, even if it fits the “correctly.” While you may not want to jump on this new product immediately, it is a interesting product release and hopefully something that turns into a trend. Products like these undoubtedly have the power to make women’s riding experiences not only more commutable, but also safer.

Schuberth C3W Female Helmets are coming soon to Competition Accessories.

Written by LeahStunts, Courtesy of

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