Watch Stuart Easton Win the Macau GP

Stuart-Easton-Macau-GPLast week Stuart Easton won his 3rd consecutive Macau GP. The 27-year-old rider rode a GBR Kawasaki SRT to beat out British Superbike competitor Michael Rutter.

“When I saw that Rutter had caught me, I was devastated after trying so hard to break free,” Easton said. “I thought if he could catch me after all that, there was no way I could beat him. But I tried again and managed to open a gap once more.”

Easton and Rutter battled throughout the 2010 British Superbike season, and will face off against eachother again in 2011.

This was the 44th edition of the Macau GP, which is also known as the Far East Classic. The races features riders from all over the world. This year, Jeremy Toyes became the first American to climb onto the podium in ten years.

Here is a video of the 2010 Macau GP.

Here are the results from the 44th Macau GP.

1. Stuart Easton GBR Kawasaki SRT 21mins 43.951s
2. Michael Rutter GBR Team of Paris AXA Ducati +10.896s
3. Jeremy Toye USA Lee’s Cycles BMW+24.011s
4. Simon Andrews GBR MSS Colchester Kawasaki +24.709s
5. Gary Johnson GBR Mocha AIM Suzuki+32.668s
6. John McGuinness GBR IGT/ Honda+40.194s
7. James Storrar GBR DMR BMW+43.767s
8. Cameron Donald AUS Relentless Suzuki +52.861s
9. James McBride GBR Pazzo Yamaha +55.714s
10. Keith Amor GBR Kawasaki SRT +58.764s

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

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