Suzuki Crosscage, the Light Cyle is here


Disney has slated release of TRON: Legacy for December 2010, with the return of Tron we can also expect to see the light cycles in the new movie, the exciting two wheeled vehicles that race through the computer landscape. Suzuki has rolled out a concept vehicle, the Crosscage, at the 2010 Tokyo Motor Show that resembles a light cycle.

The Crosscage first shown in the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show is a futuristic look at the possibilities of motorcycle vehicles. By combining a high-performance secondary battery and a simple, compact, lightweight air-cooled fuel-cell system, the Crosscage hopes to achieve maximum power control. A fuel-cell unit from British specialist company Intelligent Energy enables quick power response with low fuel consumption. A lithium-ion battery assures safety as well as a low environmental burden.

The simplicity, compactness and lightness not only made this bike environment-friendly but also contribute to the sporty styling of the motorcycle. Can we expect to see this motorcycle released this year or is Suzuki teasing us with a concept that will never see the light of day?

We can only hope that this motorcycle makes its way into production, besides being a really nicely styled futuristic motorcycle this would be a zero-emission vehicle.  A zero-emissions vehicle, or ZEV, is a vehicle that emits no tailpipe pollutants from the onboard source of power.

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Leading the way and Never Following, Tremoto


Leading the way into a new area of motorcycle design is Tremoto. Using a patent pending Leaning Vehicle Suspension system the rider is introduced to an all new sensation in motorcycle riding.

Imagine leaning into a corner at 45 degrees and not having to worry about the front end washing out. You can lock up both front brakes without falling or loss of control, the two front wheels and single rear wheel provide a very stable platform. The stability of this platform allows this machine to get out on dirt and gravel roads and have some real off road fun, you can slide the rear tire through a turn like a flat track racer.

The technology behind this cutting edge motorcycle is made possible through a unique composite monoleaf spring and robust Kayaba rotary dampers, pivoting about a 4130 chromoly steel front sub frame. Parallelogram double a-arm suspension links, T-pin style uprights and clever steering geometry round out this lightweight package. By maintaining a low overall suspension height, front frame bulk is minimized.

A limited run of production models, deliverable Q3 of 2011, will be based on a Ducati Hypermotard motorcycle. Its chromoly trellis frame, low mass center, and 105hp make it a revolutionary high performance platform. You can see a Tremoto in action at .

Tremoto-Lean-large TreMotoSand

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Watch Stuart Easton Win the Macau GP

Stuart-Easton-Macau-GPLast week Stuart Easton won his 3rd consecutive Macau GP. The 27-year-old rider rode a GBR Kawasaki SRT to beat out British Superbike competitor Michael Rutter.

“When I saw that Rutter had caught me, I was devastated after trying so hard to break free,” Easton said. “I thought if he could catch me after all that, there was no way I could beat him. But I tried again and managed to open a gap once more.”

Easton and Rutter battled throughout the 2010 British Superbike season, and will face off against eachother again in 2011.

This was the 44th edition of the Macau GP, which is also known as the Far East Classic. The races features riders from all over the world. This year, Jeremy Toyes became the first American to climb onto the podium in ten years.

Here is a video of the 2010 Macau GP.

Here are the results from the 44th Macau GP.

1. Stuart Easton GBR Kawasaki SRT 21mins 43.951s
2. Michael Rutter GBR Team of Paris AXA Ducati +10.896s
3. Jeremy Toye USA Lee’s Cycles BMW+24.011s
4. Simon Andrews GBR MSS Colchester Kawasaki +24.709s
5. Gary Johnson GBR Mocha AIM Suzuki+32.668s
6. John McGuinness GBR IGT/ Honda+40.194s
7. James Storrar GBR DMR BMW+43.767s
8. Cameron Donald AUS Relentless Suzuki +52.861s
9. James McBride GBR Pazzo Yamaha +55.714s
10. Keith Amor GBR Kawasaki SRT +58.764s

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Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle

Gold Eagle Sta-Bil Ethanol Treatment
STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment
Fuel System

We recommend the use of a fuel stabilizer to keep your gas fresh and to protect your carbs and gas tank from corrosion and residue deposits. STA-BIL Ethanol Treatment (#STA-ETH-32) has been reformulated to offer double corrosion protection as well as protection from the Ethanol additive in gasoline. Fill your tank and add stabilizer using the directions on the bottle. Run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the mixture in to the carbs. Fuel injectors are less affected but still greatly benefit from this additive. Get the big bottle!! It works great in Lawnmowers, Jet Ski’s and Snowmobiles also.


Tires are affected by heat, sunlight and dampness, as well as ozone, which is given off by electric motors. Keep your bike out of direct sunlight and away from electric motors such as refrigerators, freezers, etc. Store your bike with the tires fully inflated in a cool dry place. Use a motorcycle stand to keep weight off the tires.

BatteryBike Master TruGel Batteries
Bikemaster ChargeMaster 365TD
Bikemaster ChargeMaster 365TD

The easiest way to prolong battery life is to keep it fully charged. We recommend the Bike Master 365TD (#15-0917) which works well on all batteries including the new TruGel Batteries. We also carry the Deltran Battery Tender and YUASA chargers. All of these chargers can be left plugged in indefinitely and will self regulate to keep the battery charged. USE CAUTION!!!! Follow the manufacturers instructions when working with your battery.


During regular use, your engine oil becomes acidic from combustion. Prior to storage we recommend that you change your oil and filter, and run the engine for a few minutes to circulate the new oil. You may want to change it again in the spring as condensation can form in your engine during the cold weather. It is also a good idea to apply a liberal coating of lubricant to your chain. Cables, lever pivots, linkages, etc. can be protected against corrosion using Maxima Multi Purpose Penetrant Lube.


It is a good idea to cover your motorcycle during storage. We carry the COVERMAX line of covers as well as covers by DOWCO. Also, a good washing followed by a liberal coating of wax or polish is an excellent way to protect your investment during the winter months. Products from S-100 or Original Bike Spirits work very well.

Dowco Guardian EZ Zip Motorcycle Covers
Dowco Guardian EZ Zip Motorcycle Covers