Strange Beauty: Motorcycles of the Deep

I recently came across an intriguing photograph of a motorcycle on the ocean floor.  It possessed that same strange, surreal beauty that something like the sunken Titanic holds. It inspired me to search for more.  There is something about the silence and the cool hues of the watery deep that captivates us.  This is especially true when that environment envelopes something that is completely out of place.

Part of the fascination for me is to imagine how the bike ended up in its watery resting place. Was it the latest model of its time that was headed for a foreign market before it met its watery fate?  Another intrigue is looking at the altered form of the bike and trying to formulate some idea of what it is – what make, what vintage.

Metal, rubber, vinyl, and glass degrade and change at different rates.  Surfaces that were once bright and shining now take on a soft monochromatic hue.   There is an amazing transformation taking place. The form takes on new life – literally.  Sea creatures commandeer the once land-locked machine and make it their own.   It is a kind of metamorphosis from the mechanical to the organic.

In the end, the images just hold some kind of melancholy beauty.  Here is a collection of images of motorcycles in the deep.






Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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