Pangea Speed, Professional Metal Mashers


Pangea Speed, Professional Metal Mashers Handmade parts are an unusual item in this day of modern build- it-fast and throw away parts. Indeed, Andy Carter is a unique builder putting his own special touch on the motorcycle market.  Building quality parts by hand is becoming a lost art but Andy means to keep it alive.

“I used to work at a vintage formula one fabrication shop in Sonoma named Ian Gordon Racing Fabrication. This is where I learned a ton about proper fabrication techniques, Carter said.

“ The shop was located at Sears Point Raceway. There are a bunch of racing-related businesses at the track and there is a guy named Rolf that has a fab shop named Rolf by Design.  Rolf had an old shirt that he used to wear that said ‘ROLF by design professional metal masher’ on the back. He built really cool stuff and was kinda a crazy dude and I thought that was the best tag line ever since that’s basically what a fabricator is … just mashing a lot of metal together!”

It’s clear to see where the tag line, “Professional Metal Mashers”, came from. The parts from Pangea are distinct. From the Berliner Kicker Pedal , all the way down to the cast cable and wire guides,  each part gets the same level of detail and attention.

“I feel that as we progress technologically we are losing the need for style and detail. Lately I have been thinking a lot about old buildings and old products in general,” Andy said.

“Today we have machines that can build the most intricate and detailed parts imaginable, but why is it that as I walk down the street and look at old buildings and old cars that I am in awe over the detail and intricacies in these products?  I feel the reason that the details are fading is because we have turned into such a price-based society instead of a quality-based society. Also people just have a lot more stuff than they used to, so they can’t spend as much money on one product.”

Andy says getting back to basics is an essential step in creating the kind of quality and style so much of today’s market is missing.

“Basically where I am going with this is that in general people don’t want to put in the extra effort for detail or style.  Where I come in is to support people like myself who are willing to go the extra mile to get that detail and style, he said.

“ All this detail is a bunch of extra work, I think it is worth it though, when I step back and look at a bike that the owner has gone the extra mile on all that work is totally worth it!”

Checkout out the latest items from Pangea Speed at

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of

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