AMA Announces Changes to Supersport Division for 2011

ama_proracingThe AMA Supersport class will see a few small changes for the 2011 season. The biggest change is that the AMA Supersport will no longer be divided into the Top Gun and Young Gun classes.

The Supersport series will still give awards to the younger Supersport riders between the ages of 16-21 who score the most points. But the overall champion will be the rider who scores the most points in either the East or the West division.

The 2011 season will give the East and West divisions an equal amount of point opportunities. Riders can race out of their division, but only points scored in their divisional races will count toward their point total. Riders can continue to race in the Supersport class until they have won two championships.

“We felt these changes were necessary to more clearly define the overall SuperSport Champion,” said AMA Pro Chief Operating Officer David Atlas. “As with our other championships, the rider with the most points wins the coveted number one plate and we wanted to bring the same degree of clarity and recognition to the exciting SuperSport class, while also still acknowledging the accomplishments of the best young rider with a special year end award.”

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

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