Danny MacAskill, Painting the sky

DannyMacAskillMany people have various talents and every once in a while someone rises above the crowd, a very bright light, one that out shines others. I saw a video recently that featured a rider named Danny MacAskill. The video is titled, “Way Back Home”, and shows a talent not often seen in riding a bicycle. The bicycle is Danny’s paint brush and throughout the video he is painting a master work of art. The back drop that Danny paints on stretches from Edinburgh to his hometown Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye.

Danny grew up on the Isle of Skye where he honed his talent at an early age. He has been riding trials on a bicycle since the age of 11 and has continually improved his craft to the level of what we see today in the video “Way Back Home”. In a recent open question and answer session Danny was asked about his favorite riding spot in the film and how he found the location. Danny replied “My favorite spot in the riding clip is probably the bakery wall ride in my local village. I found it by walking out of the bakery with a big pasty. Then I saw the grass bank and the wall and thought I could maybe jump up there one day.”

Danny is now sponsored by Red Bull, so we should expect to see quite a bit of him in the future. We should also thank Director and Editor Dave Sowerby with camera work being done by Mark Huskisson for this wonderful production. Music on the video was provided by “Wax and Wire” and The Jezabels.

Written by John Campbell, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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