Roger Lee Hayden Signs With Michael Jordan Motorsports

michael_jordan_motorsports Roger Lee Hayden will be joining Ben Bostrom at Michael Jordan Motorsports next year to compete for the 2011 AMA Pro Racing National Guard Superbike Championship.

Hayden won the World Supersport title in 2007, and has found some success on the Superbike circuit as well. Hayden has claimed 14 race wins since starting his professional career in 2004, and has earned close to 40 podiums.

“Signing Roger Lee bolsters our 2011 championship campaign,” said Kreig Robinson, MJM’s Vice President of Corporate Relations. “We’re excited to get him testing on our equipment as soon as possible. We know that Roger Lee is going to bring the intensity and our crew is ready to unleash his potential.”

Roger Lee Hayden, the younger brother of MotoGP racer Nicky Hayden and BSB star Tommy Hayden, is looking forward to his time with Michael Jordan Motorsports.

“I’m so excited to be a part of Team Jordan! These guys have a great crew and I’m excited to get on the bike as soon as possible,” Hayden said. “I’m ready to show what I’m made of… It’s also good to be home, there’s no place like home.”

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

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