IEG Announces New General Manager Daniel Hutchinson

The Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) has seen significant increases in attendance and profile over the last two seasons. Their rather beneficial TV package certainly helps with this positive exposure. The series is on a nice upward swing in the land Down Under. The promoter, International Entertainment Group (IEG) is looking to go even further with this and has now hired a new General Manager to keep them moving along apace.

International Entertainment Group (ASBK) logo Daniel Hutchinson has landed this great opportunity to work on the ever more impressive ASBK series – and that is significant in and of itself as some top talent currently plying their trade on the world circuits hails from Oz. Hutchinson has some serious chops in the Australian motorcycle industry. His previous post was with Motorcycling Australia, the governing body of motorcycle racing in Australia. There he ran the ASBK series for three years. When another promoter took over, Hutchinson worked as MA’s event representative and worked very closely with that organization, officials of all kinds, competitors and their teams. Of course, that position also afforded him the occasion to work closely with the FIM on Australian rounds of both the MotoGP Championship and the World Superbike Championship at Phillip Island. To say that Hutchinson is well-experienced in the motorcycle racing community in Australia is an enormous understatement.

Hutchinson’s curriculum vitae made him the very first pick of IEG Managing Director Yarrive Konsky for the General Manager position, and they were quite pleased when he accepted the post. The visions that both IEG and the new GM have of the future of ASBK are in perfect alignment. Both are geared up to expand the series and bring more exposure to the competitors, teams, officials and sponsors involved in the championship. Early feedback on the hire has been very positive and the Viking Group Australian Superbike Championship is looking forward to an ever improving future.

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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