Electric Scooter Manufacturer Goes ‘National’

Austin Electric Vehicle Boulevard E Scooter This is how change comes to our world in many instances; several small entrepreneurs begin carving out niches for their take on the same base product. The early automotive industry was like that, so was the early motorcycle industry – in fact, some parts of our industry are like that now. Just take a look at the electric motorcycle and scooter segment as it stands as of this writing. Small companies run by and employing very determined, smart, and capable people are building the future of motorcycling in everything from massive new factories to suburban garages. One small electric bicycle, scooter and motorcycle company in Texas is adding to this narrative by moving to new and larger facilities, expanding to a nationwide audience and establishing a new partnership.

National Scooter Company, Inc. recently relocated to new digs just outside Austin, Texas, in the city of Pflugerville (pronounced just like flu-gur-vil). It’s a severely beautiful area of the state and is worth visiting on two wheels anytime you can make the trip. Their new location provides them a currently comfortable 10,000 square feet, but they hope to add another 60,000 square feet in the next few years. More on this later…

CEO Greg James has now stated that the first vehicles sold will be branded with the Austin Electric Vehicle – or Austin Electric Vehicle Lowboy E Electric Scooter AEV – nameplate and will be available in dealerships throughout the United States. Included under that marque will be selection of electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles. The line of scooters and motorcycles will be priced from $2,495 – and, there are both federal and state programs which could offset a significant portion of that cost, depending on where you live. Range of both could be as much as 80 miles, provided conditions are almost perfect. As for speed, the scooter will be capable of 60 mph, with the motorcycle having 70 mph at the top end. The electric bicycles will begin at a reasonable $995 with a 20 mph top speed and 25 mile range and it will be easily stored due to its collapsible design.

CEO James also announced a new partnership with a Dallas-based energy marketing company, Branded Retail Energy Co. (BRE). The deal will allow National Scooter products to be included in the BRE program which partners with major universities all around the US. This program allows alumni and other supporters of the included schools of higher learning to buy energy at a specified Austin Electric Vehicle Venice E Electric Scooter rate from BRE; it then distributes a share of the payment as a monthly donation to the participating university of their choosing. This new deal will have National Scooter provide a university ‘branded’ electric scooter to be given away at the end of the collegiate football season to people who enter the contest while attending any of the team’s games.

Back to the move…One very important aspect of these announcements concerns the full scope of the move to the new facilities. With this change, National Scooter will now have every part of their operations – from design to manufacturing – at one location and all inside the United States. They are actually moving their production from China back to Texas. This makes National Scooter and their AEV marque the first American scooter company to be wholly inside the US borders; a very positive step for the US economy and the employees who will work in the Pflugerville location…

To become a customer, or just have a look, check them out at: http://austinelectricvehicles.com/

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

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