AMA and Harley Salute Soldiers on Veterans Day

military_motorcycle Motorcycles and the military have a long history together. In 1916, American troops rode Harley-Davidson motorcycles during the Mexican Expedition. Since then, there has always been a strong bond between Harley and the military. Today, Veterans Day, Harley-Davidson is in the middle of its 2nd annual Military Appreciation Month.

If you want to send thank you messages to retired war veterans, or if you want to send your praise for current service men and women, you can go to

“At Harley-Davidson, we’re all about freedom. But we can’t forget that freedom comes at a price,” said Dino Bernachi, Harley-Davidson’s director of marketing and communications. “It’s humbling to think of the countless sacrifices these brave men and women, and their familes, have made to keep our country free. So the Motor Company is honored to help salute military personnel this November.”

But Harley riders aren’t the only ones proud, and grateful for veterans. The AMA is also thanking service men and women today for Veterans Day.

“There has long been a special relationship between motorcyclists and veterans,” said Rob Dingman, AMA president and CEO. “This Veterans Day, we honor that relationship and salute America’s veterans for their devotion to serving our country.”

“The patriotism dedication and valor of American servicemen and women is unmatched anywhere in the world. Our veterans have put their lives on the line in the defense of our principles and freedoms, and we must never forget the sacrifices they’ve made on our behalf.”

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

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