Alpinestars Afrika Shoes: What’s in a Name?

What comes to mind when the continent of Africa and motorcycling are used in conjunction with one another?  For me, the link is the Paris – Dakar mega-endurance race.  You know…uber-tough rally riders in similarly tough gear.  So where do the new Alpinestars Afrika shoes fit into this picture?  Well, nowhere that I can see.

Okay, what you get with these shoes is footwear with some motorcycling-friendly features; but in a package that is much more appropriate for a tame commute than any demanding riding conditions. The motorcycle-inspired features include a suede upper construction with extended high abrasion resistant mesh inserts. There is also the nice feature of a GoreTex membrane insert. However, in the extremely low rise design of the Afrika shoe, I have to question its effectiveness. I do like the unique closure with a kind of drawstring function rather than a traditional lace-up affair.

In the end, maybe I was just turned off by the overly-ambitious naming of these shoes. I see them as a nice pair of shoes that can be worn on a bike, rather than a serious protective boot. Maybe that was what Alpinestars was going for.

Get a Pair of these new shoes today at

Alpinestars Afrika Gore-Tex XCR Boots
Alpinestars Afrika Gore-Tex XCR Boots

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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