Suzuki Cuts GZ250 Price by $1000!

2010 Suzuki GZ250 in Black Chances are that if you attended a motorcycle safety instruction class – from such great organizations as the MSF or Team Oregon – you experienced the thrill of riding a motorcycle with less than 250cc in displacement. It might not be a perfect mount for you, but you likely do know a rider new to the sport who would do well to get some seat time on a smaller machine before moving up to something larger, more powerful and heavier. Suzuki has always had a presence in the entry-level market, often with a variety of bikes which fit in different categories. For those looking for a place to begin riding cruisers on the street, the Suzuki GZ250 is the Japanese marque’s entry for you.

The 2010 Suzuki GZ250 uses a 249cc single-cylinder, single-overhead-cam, two valve engine mated to a 5-speed transmission. The engine utilizes Suzuki’s Twin Dome Compression Chamber, which provides for good power and exceptional fuel efficiency – the GZ250 is rated for 82 MPG! The mildly tuned 32mm Mikuni carburetor helps keep the fuel trickling out of the 3.4 gallon fuel tank. The handlebars are pulled back and raised, the fenders wrap around the tires and the seat is a two-piece unit. The excessive chrome – covering the cylinder head, horn, tank emblems and rear fender suspension architecture – only add to the cruiser appeal. And, if you don’t find it looking right to your eyes, you can always add products from Suzuki’s Genuine Accessories catalog.

In 2010, Suzuki is offering this bike at a price which the first-time rider – or a penny-pinching veteran – would find incredibly tempting – $2999, down from last year’s $3999. That is a 25% savings without giving up anything for it. Suzuki obviously understands that its customers are struggling in this economy, and it is doing something about it. For 2010, the GZ250 is a bike that can take you over any road, satisfy your riding needs and all for less than three grand. What a deal!

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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