Cavernous Capacity: The Ogio MX9800 Gear Bag

Okay, so a gear bag is not a sexy purchase.  It’s not exciting like a new helmet with the latest graphics.  It’s not as intriguing as a new pair of racing boots.  It’s not even as interesting as a new jersey.  However, you need something to keep all of those cool things together and safe.  That’s where the Ogio MX9800 Gear Bag shines.

This supersized bag has some features that will appeal to serious racers and off-road riders.  First, it has an impressive 180 liter capacity.  That is more than enough for several changes of gear.  Additionally, the MX9800 has oversized off-road wheels to navigate to that pit tent or camp site.  It also has a retractable pullman handle.  The internal compartments are rugged and protective.  Speaking of compartments, the MX9800 has a large main bin with a generous u-shaped opening.  It also offers several smaller compartments.  The helmet area is padded, and it has a goggle pocket.  Everything is held secure with a nice compression strap system.

The overall dimensions are 34” high, 16” wide and 17” deep.  It comes in motifs that range from subtle to almost obnoxious.  The bag is not cheap at just under $200.  However, it will keep all your expensive gear safe and sound.

To order one check out


Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

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