New ‘World’s Fastest Street Bike’ Record Set at Texas Mile

texas_mile Have you ever brought your bike up to 100 mph? 120? 150? What about 278.6 mph? If you aren’t Bill Warner of Wild Brothers Racing then I’m guessing you haven’t reached that speed.

Bill Warner set the World’s Fastest Street Bike record earlier this week at the Texas Mile, when he brought his 1299cc Wild Brothers Racing Suzuki Hayabusa up to 278.6 mph, breaking the old record by 5.3 mph.

The Texas Mile is held every year in Goliad, Texas, and includes the fastest vehicles on two and four wheels. Competitors start from a standing position, and have 1 mile to reach their top speed. They then have a half mile to slow it all down.

Bill Warner, who’s a tropical fish farmer and marine biologist during the day, was able to put in 5 runs over the weekend.

“I usually run four or five per day, so five passes in three days is not much time to get everything dialed in,” Warner said. “The early-morning pass on Sunday that set the record started with my best launch ever. The bike got squirrely, skidded side to side and then she finally hooked up. It felt like I was shot out of a canon! The bike stayed perfectly vertical for the entire run. It was so smooth it felt slow, if that makes any sense. Shutdown was tough, but fun, the bike screeching, sliding and hopping off the track.”

Wild Brothers Racing has records all over the country, including California, Maine, and now Texas. Wild Brothers developed the bike with the help of Larry Forstall, Steve Knecku, and Walter Kudron. The bike had numerous sponsors, including Brock’s Performance.

“The thing that strikes me, is that I didn’t know Bill before this year, but he came highly recommended,” said Brock’s Performance President, Brock Davidson. “With methodical, consistent, record-breaking runs, he’s proven his skill to the point where I sit back in awe and wait to see the next goal he sets outs to break.”

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

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