More About Brammo Doubling Their Enertia

Brammo Enertia Plus As you know by now, Brammo has announced a new updated version of their venerable Enertia electric motorcycle. It is to be called the Enertia Plus – and there is good reason for the nomenclature. The Enertia Plus will have double the range of the original model due to the use of a new battery pack. Brammo has replaced the previous model’s Valence-designed version with the new Brammo Power batteries. The new machine will have its maximum range extended to 80 miles on one full charge. Brammo’s research indicated that most customers can live with the 40 miles range of the initial Enertia, but they found that 60 miles was more ideal.

The battery comes from the recently announced Empulse line, which was developed during the company’s TT race effort, and is technology proprietary to Brammo alone.  The extra density of the lithium-ion pack allows the new Enertia Plus to carry 6 kWh of energy allowing for the increase in range. The Plus retains the 63 Mph top speed and the same 72 volt DC motor as its forbear. It will also come in four new colors: Aluminum Silver, Eclipsed Black, Peacekeeping Blue, and True Blood Red. Brammo Enertia Plus

The Enertia Plus will also have further updates over the model it replaces. A new triple clamp provides for much sharper steering and thus better road riding. The handlebar has been pushed back one inch and Brammo tightened up the turning radius. That last improvement is to make the bike a bit easier to ride on tight European roads so that Brammo can tackle that market. They already have in motion their entry into Asia.

Look for the Enertia Plus to hit Best Buy and other Brammo authorized dealers by the middle of 2011 and will be priced at $8,995. To make your reservation, please point your browser to:

Written by J.C. Current, Courtesy of

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