2011 International Motorcycle Show

Written by LeahStunts, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

018631.3-lg The fall leaves may be reminding you its nearly time to winterize your motorcycle for a few bleak months with no riding; but winter also means time for the International Motorcycle Show. With locations across the US you should be able to find a show close to you and the next best thing to riding is a entire convention hall full of motorcycles.  Anyone who has ever been to a International Motorcycle Show can attest it’s a candy store for the moto-enthusiasts and even will hold the attention of non-riders with new models, fashion shows, booths for any personality type and sometimes even a indoor stunt show.

This year all the oldies but goodies will be there in addition to newer components like a DIY Garage sponsored by Allstate.  The event will also have a Moto Flix area that invites attendees to take a relaxing break and watch a moto film or TV show.

If you’re on the market for a new motorcycle the show is an absolute must. Each brand creates a unique consumer space to not only learn about the models but to get a feel for them. Representatives are also at your beck and call to explain new features and educate about the new features and models. It’s an excellent opportunity to really learn about the scope of bikes on the market in a low-pressure environment.

The 2011 International Motorcycle Show offers 12 stops across the country, the events normally run for three days and tickets are around $15 and less per day if you get a three-day pass. Check out the official website for details and to find the location nearest you.

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