Dehaven Talks New Jersey Results, and Goals for the Final Supersport Event

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

ama_ss_dehaven Austin Dehaven took his second podium of the 2010 AMA Supersport season at New Jersey Motorsports Park, and has even higher hopes for the final race this weekend at Barber Motorsports Park. The young rider has his eyes set on the top of the podium, but he’ll have plenty of competition during the East – West shootout for the championship.

Dehaven, just 16, took his second podium finish at New Jersey Motorsports Park after a tough start during the qualifying sessions.

“We had a few rain related problems with the electronics on our bike, leaving me without the quick shifter and some high rpm mapping issues,” Dehaven said. “In the end I thought both sessions were productive and all the track tie I could get was needed because of how well the local fast guys knew it already.”

Dehaven would qualify in 7th place, but after a poor start during race one, dropped down to 13th.

“I got off to a bad start, leaving me around 13th on lap one. But I got into a rhythm and worked my way back into 5th.”

The Shift Street Racing rider would be able to make one more pass, but didn’t have enough speed to reach the podium. The story would be different in race two, however, as Dehaven would work his way up from 7th to claim the third place spot on the podium.

Dehaven wants to end his first Supersport season with his first Supersport victory. He’ll have two chances to do so at Barber Motorsports Park, but the competition will be intense.

“This is a winner take all East vs. West Supersport Shootout for the Championship and I am going all out for this one,” Dehaven said, “I want that first win!”

All About Bikes will be at the race this weekend to see if Dehaven can capture his first Supersport race win.

[Photo Courtesy of Brian J. Nelson]

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