MotoGP: LIVE Race Results From Aragon

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

The MotoGP race at Aragon is about to begin. The riders are on the track waiting for the green flag.

Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, and Dani Pedrosa make up the front row of the grid. Lorenzo still holds a big lead over the rest of the MotoGP pack, but Pedrosa has won the last two races, and is slowly eating into Lorenzo’s lead.

Nicky Hayden will lead the second row, followed by rookie Ben Spies and Randy de Puniet. Valentino Rossi will start from the third spot on the rid.

We’re just a few minutes away from the starting flag being flown.

And we’re off.

Casey Stoner gets a good jump off the line and is able to stay out in front of the pack.

Lap 2: The top five riders hold their positions from the starting gate. Stoner is the first rider to put in a lap under 1’50.

Lap 3: Stoner has built up a small lead ahead of Jorge Lorenzo. Both riders are lapping under 1’50, but Stoner has more than a second cushion between himself and the season leader.

Lap 4: Valentino Rossi has dropped down to ninth place. He is more than 7 seconds behind Stoner.

Lap 5: Pedrosa overtakes Lorenzon on lap 5. Stoner, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Hayden, Spies.

Lap 6: Pedrosa is charging up for the front spot. He is just over a second behind, but has put a second between him and Lorenzo.

Lap 7: No one has given Stoner a serious challenge up at the front yet. The Ducati man holds a 1.5 second lead ahead of the rest of the pack, and is the only rider to be consistently under 1’50.

Lap 8: Valentino Rossi continues to fall back. Rossi is now more than ten seconds from the front.

Lap 9: Stoner and Pedrosa are beginning to seperate. Jorge Lorenzo is next in line, but 4 seconds behind Stoner. Lorenzo is followed by Hayden, Spies, and Dovizioso.

Lap 10: Stoner and Pedrosa now have 5 seconds ahead of the rest of the MotoGP. Pedrosa keeps trying to find his way around Stoner, but Stoner is holding onto the first place spot.

Lap 11: Stoner, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Hayden, Spies.

Lap 12: Rossi sits in 7th place. He’s moved up from ninth, but is still 16 seconds behind Stoner, and 7 seconds behind the 6th place rider, Andrea Dovizioso.

Lap 14: Casey Stoner has led every lap so far. He has more than a second ahead of Pedrosa, and just 9 more laps to go.

Lap 15: Stoner and Pedrosa are really putting on the speed. There is now an 8 second gap between the front two riders and the rest of the pack.

Nicky Hayden and Ben Spies are hot on the tail of Jorge Lorenzo. Lorenzo’s streak of podiums could be coming to an end today.

Lap 16: Rossi just hasn’t been able to keep the pace. He is now 20 seconds behind Stoner.

The same five riders hold their positions around the track. Stoner, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Hayden, Spies.

Lap 17: We’re getting down into it now, with just 5 laps remaining. Stoner just put in a blistering fast lap of 1’49.2 to put three seconds between him and Pedrosa.

Lap 18: The top two riders still have a considerable gap ahead of Jorge Lorenzo.

Lap 19: If anyone is going to knock Lorenzo off of the podium, it’s going to be Nicky Hayden, The Ducati rider is nipping at Lorenzo’s wheels, but can’t find away around the season leader.

Lap 20: Stoner, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Hayden, Spies. Stoner continues to distance himself from the rest of the group. If Pedrosa wants to claim his third consecutive race win, he’s going to have to start making a move now.

Lap 21: With just 3 more laps to go, it looks like Stoner is going to capture the race win at Aragon. The question now is, can Hayden take third from Lorenzo?

Lap 22: Stoner has a 4 and a half second lead. Hayden cuts within .3 seconds of Lorenzo.

The final lap: No one can catch Stoner. But someone can catch Lorenzo. Nicky Hayden has moved into third place.

Stoner wins with ease and Nicky Hayden has finally ended Lorenzo’s streak of podiums. Hayden beat out Lorenzo by .08 seconds.

Final: Casey Stoner rode a flawless race from the pole position to the finish line Stoner led each of the 23 laps, and crossed the line more than 5 seconds between the second place rider, Dani Pedrosa. Jorge Lorenzo held onto third until the bitter end, but a determined Nicky Hayden took the last spot on the podium with a fantastic finish.

Stoner, Pedrosa, Hayden, Lorenzo, Spies, Rossi, Simoncelli, Bautista, Melandri, Espargaro.

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