Pedrosa Sets the Pace, Stoner Fastest in Wet at Aragon

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motogp_pedrosa_aragon The first day at Aragon gave the MotoGP a sampling of the weather conditions that Spain has to offer. The afternoon started sunny and dry, but by the second free practice session, rain had begun to fall on the Motorland track.

On the dry track, during the first free practice session, Dani Pedrosa showed the MotoGP paddock that he means business, and intends to take his third victory in a row. Pedrosa was .4 seconds ahead of Nicky Hayden, who was just another hundredth of second ahead of season leader Jorge Lorenzo.

“The track is quite technical; it has some difficult turns and you really have to find a good line and also to set up the gearbox properly to be able to make a good lap time,” Pedrosa said. “The grip from the track surface feels good and the Bridgestone tyres are also working well so far. I hope we can continue in this positive way tomorrow.”

Casey Stoner, who was fourth during the first free practice session, outpaced the rest of the pack on a wet Aragon track. The rain wet track was a big factor during FP2 which saw times drop by more than 10 seconds from FP1.

Behind Stoner was Lorenzo who fared just as good in the rain as he did in dry conditions. Nicky Hayden also had a successful day, staying in the top three during both free practice sessions.

Valentino Rossi took fourth during the second free practice session, but was pleased overall with his performance.

“We gathered a lot of information; this morning in the dry I was sixth but this afternoon in the wet I was fourth and I was very pleased because it’s a long time since I tried the bike in the rain,” said Rossi. “We need to improve our setting because we’re not at the maximum but I am happy about this start.”

The riders will have one more free practice session tomorrow before the qualifying.

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