New Shoei Qwest Helmet Review

Qwest Matte Black Solid

The highly anticipated Shoei Qwest Helmet available 09/17/2010, arrives as a direct competitor of the Arai RX-Q Helmet but with a lower price tag. With the Shoei Qwest Helmet brings a new generation of helmets to the market. This new helmet takes the needs of touring bikers into consideration: long range comfortable fit, wider entry, more chin room (1/8 to1/4 inch) and most importantly about -1.2db quieter than the RF-1100 Helmet. This premium helmet is a further development and we believe Shoei is positioning this helmet as a long-distance touring version of the popular Shoei RF-1100 Helmet.

Shoei Qwest Helmets - Neuron Graphic

As mentioned above, the Shoei Qwest is quieter than the RF-1100. This effect is obtained by aerodynamic optimization. In order to obtain an optimal shell shape, Shoei built an absolutely new and state of the art wind tunnel. The complex shape of the helmet ensures ideal aerodynamics because the noise level is reduced to a surprising minimum. The Qwest also utilizes a Molded Air Spoiler to reduce drag and lift and lower fatigue and has larger intake vents, rear neck outlet vents and rear top shell vents.

We find the Shoei Qwest Helmets run true to size. Four different shell sizes are utilized for a total of seven helmet sizes (2XS-2XL) for an exact fit. It weighs in at 3.6lbs which is relatively light for a helmet designed for long distance touring. The Qwest uses the same spring loaded and wider eye port CW-1 shield as the RF-1100 and X-12.

Overall, the Qwest has great balance and weight distribution along with well thought out ergonomics and aerodynamics and takes the needs of touring bikers into consideration with its comfortable fit and difference in noise level.  In our opinion this helmet proves to be a great option for those considering the super-premium Arai RX-Q Helmet but want to invest less than $450.


-Quieter than the RF-1100

-Touring fit

-Larger intake vents

-Added bonuses include removable 3D check pads, comes with chin curtain and breath guard.

The Qwest is available in black, light silver, matte black, gloss white as well as two graphic models

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