25 Riders Chosen For 2011 Red Bull Rookies Cup

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com


It has only been a few weeks since Jake Gagne won the 2010 Red Bull Rookies Cup, but the teenagers for the 2011 season are eager to get started.The official selection testing was held over three days in Monteblanco in Southern Spain, where 14 new riders were chosen to join the Red Bull Rookies Cup for the 2011 season. 11 riders from the 2010 season will be back to try their luck again next year.

The 2011 season will see riders from 15 countries, including one from America. Joe Roberts, the only American in next year’s competition will have big shoes to fill, as American Jake Gagne will be moving on from the Red Bull Rookies Cup next year.

50 riders were invited to participate in the testing at Monteblanco, but only a few were chosen. The three day event saw great weather, a couple of falls, and impressive laps from the young riders.

The Rookies will have plenty of time to prepare for the season next year, but they’ll have to use it wisely. The Red Bull Rookies Cup will thrust these young riders into the national spotlight, which can be just as challenging mentally as it is physically.

Invited Riders from the Selection Event

Willi Albert (GER)
Lorenzo Baldassarri (ITA)
Scott Deroue (NED)
Max Enderlein (GER)
Aaron Espana (ESP)
Amirul Hafiq (MYS)
Andrea Migno (ITA)
Joakim Niemi (FIN)
Javier Orellana (GBR)
Ivo Paixao (POR)
Joe Roberts (USA)
Kyle Ryde (GBR)
Lukas Trautmann (AUT)
Stefano Valtulini (ITA)

Reserve Riders

Kevin Argino (ITA)
Max Fritzsch (GER)
Jorge Martin (ESP)
Renald Castillon (FRA)
Matthew Davies (AUS)

Provisional 2011 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Entry List

5 Philipp Oettl (GER)
7 Lorenzo Baldassari (ITA)
8 Amirul Hafiq (MYS)
16 Andrea Migno (ITA)
17 Antonio Chiari (BRA)
18 James Flitcroft (GBR)
22 Aaron Espana (ESP)
23 Niccolo Antonelli (ITA)
25 Willi Albert (GER)
26 Deni Cudic (AUT)
27 Joe Roberts (USA)
34 Xavier Pinsach (ESP)
32 Max Enderlein (GER)
41 Brad Binder (RSA)
43 Stefano Valtulini (ITA)
47 Tomas Vavrous (CZE)
61 Arthur Sissis (AUS)
66 Florian Alt (GER)
67 Joakim Niemi (FIN)
69 Aaron Espana (ESP)
77 Kyle Ryde (GBR)
75 Ivo Paixao (POR)
89 Alan Techer (FRA)
95 Scott Deroue (NED)
99 Lukas Trautmann (AUT)

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