Smrz to Ride With New Ducati Team for 2011

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

wsb_smrz Last week it was announced that the factory Ducati Xerox team would be leaving the World Superbike series in order to focus their attention on the MotoGP. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any Ducatis in the WSB series next year. Liberty Racing, a new Ducati racing team, will be participating in the WSB in 2011, and Jakub Smrz will be at the helm.

The Liberty Racing team will be riding Ducati 1198’s in next year’s competition. The team is owned by the CZ Liberty Group, which is based out of the Czech Republic.

Smrz has been chosen to lead the Liberty Racing team in 2011, and he’ll be anxious to get back on a Ducati. Smrz has ridden a Ducati for all three years that he has been in the World Superbike series, but had to trade in his Ducati for an Aprilia this year, when his bike continually suffered from mechanical errors.

CZ Liberty Group is involved in food and office supplies, and their Effenbert beer has been a sponsor of the WSB series for a few years. But CZ Liberty Group decided to up their involvement in the World Superbike, and will be funding their own team next year.

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