Sign of the Times: Cycle News Magazine is Gone

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

I remember picking up copies of Cycle News in the motorcycle shop that was my place of worship in early 1970s.  Cycle News was the journal of motorcycle racing, and I needed to see pictures of the idol of my youth, motocrosser Roger De Coster.

Sadly, Cycle News ceased publication at the end of August.  If you go to their website now, you are greeted with the epitaph, “Thank you. Cycle News has ceased publication (at least for now) as of Tuesday, August 31.”

I have never written for Cycle News, but every moto-journalist sheds a proverbial tear when a good, solid motorcycle information source dies.  Much of modern electronic journalism is cut-and-paste regurgitation.  When we lose a source like Cycle News, our sport is diminished.

Even though we are in our infancy here at All About Bikes, it is our goal to offer continuing original content.  Cycle News was a model of this kind of writing.  We at AAB offer perpetually updated content on our website, but we also offer both a digital and print magazine.  In a way, we are fully a part of the modern electronic publishing world, but are also keeping traditional print alive.

So as we say goodbye to Cycle News, we here at AAB will redouble our efforts to bring readers quality motorcycle content in a full spectrum of media.


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