Laughable Lids: The Strange Helmets of the Motorcycling World

Written by Tim Kessel, Courtesy of

We do a lot of reviews of technologically advanced, modern motorcycle helmets here at AAB.  It’s time we take a look at the weird side of cranial protection.  We’re not talking paint-job kind of strange here – we’re talking strange to the core.  Here are a few of the most…creative… helmets ever to be pulled over someone’s ears.

This helmet is sure to draw attention on the mean streets.  In fact, it surely makes those streets just a little bit meaner.  A Brazilian artist created the lid by applying teeth, fangs, bones, hair and other Amazon treasures to a conventional DOT helmet.  It’s more than a little questionable as to whether the modified helmet would meet any certification other than maybe one by Stephen King.


Retro-futuristic – how’s that for an oxymoron? This one reminds me of something from a 1970s film set in the future.  Maybe something that Woody Allen would have worn in one of his early slapstick films.  Let’s hope that shield is made of some futuristic plastic or the rider will have a rude awakening in an accident.


Yes, the canine rapper is the first thing that I thought of when I saw this one.  I have seen dogs carried as passengers on motorcycles (think of the great 1970s movie “On Any Sunday”), so it’s only fitting that they should have their own helmets.  I’d like to see the full-face version that covers that prominent muzzle!


So that’s where we got the slang term for the helmet!  The irony is that there appears to be a real helmet on the handlebars. What is that…speedometer protection?  Then there is the guy on the back with a construction helmet.  Maybe this is some country’s version of the Village People.


I’m not sure if this is a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle helmet, but it’s obvious that air-flow was goal number 1 for the designer.  Forget about the intake and exhaust vents on conventional helmets, this thing trumps them all. The helmet can double as a potato slicer in the kitchen.


Okay, this is not an actual helmet.  It’s an ad for Bye Motorcycle Helmets (no, I’ve never heard of them either).  I guess the advertiser was trying to imply that the man is in “good hands” when wearing their helmet.  Maybe this ad is why we see Rossi in an AGV rather than a Bye helmet.


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