Hayes Beats Hayden for Race 2 Win

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

ama_proracing The second race of the AMA Superbike was much like the first. Tommy Hayden and Josh Hayes broke away from the pack to engage in a two way battle for the race win. The two swapped the top spot multiple times throughout the race, but in the end, Josh Hayes found himself at the top of the podium.

Hayes won both races in New Jersey, and gave himself some breathing room as the AMA Superbike heads into the final round.

John Hopkins was able to hold onto third place, after battling upfront with Blake Young, Brett McCormick, and Jake Zemke. Ben Bostrom was also in the fight for third place, but crashed out early on in the race, causing the red flag to be thrown.

Young finished fourth behind Hopkins, followed by Young.

The final round of the AMA Superbike will be on September 24-26. Hayes has extended his lead to 22 points over Hayden. With only 50 points left up for grabs, that lead may be insurmountable.

AMA Superbike – New Jersey – Race 2 Results

1. Josh Hayes (Yam)
2. Tommy Hayden (Suz) +0.324
3. John Hopkins (Suz)
4. Blake Young (Suz)
5. Brett McCormick (Suz)
6. Jake Zemke (Suz)
7. Geoff May (Buell)
8. Taylor Knapp (Suz)
9. Chris Ulrich (Suz)
10. Shane Narbonne (Suz)

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