AMA Superbike: LIVE Results from New Jersey

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

After a heart breaking loss in the first race of the AMA Superbike at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Tommy Hayden is out for revenge. Hayden had just passed Josh Hayes on the final lap of race 1 when the red flags came down, ending the race, and giving Hayes the race win. The incident gives Hayes a 16 point lead over Hayden, who is running out of time to retake the lead in the AMA Superbike series.

Hayden and Hayes are sure to be near the top at the end of today’s race, but don’t count out Martin Cardenas, who has been consistently face this weekend at NJMP.

The riders are lining up on the grid. Tommy Hayden, is followed by Ben Bostrom, John Hopkins, and Josh Hayes. The second row is made up of Jake Zemke, Chris Peris, Larry Pegram, and Geoff May.

Just a few minutes until race time.

And they’re off.

Tommy Hayden gets a good start off the line, and is able to stay in front of the pack during lap one.

Lap 2: Ben Bostrom and John Hopkins have both dropped down out of the front, as Josh Hayes and Blake Young make moves to join Hayden at the front.

Lap 3: Hayes passes up another rider, and is now .02 seconds behind Hayden. The Superbike series is all about these two riders, and it looks like we’re headed for a showdown.

Hayes has taken the lead. Hayes is followed by Hayden and Zemke. Hopkins, Young, and Bostrom are all close behind.

Lap 4: Hayes, Hayden, and Zemke gain a little space from the rest of the pack.

Lap 5: The top three riders continue to separate from the rest of the pack. Hayes and Hayden are both lapping in the low 1’21’s.

The race has been red flagged as Ben Bostrom takes a fall on the 5th lap.

The race is restarted. Tommy Hayden has retaken the lead from Hayes, who has fallen to third behind Zemke.

Lap 7: The restart has bunched all the riders toward the top again. The top five riders are all within one second of one another. Hayden, Zemke, Hayes, Young, Hopkins.

Lap 8: Less than a tenth of a second separates the top three riders, who are all lapping in the 1’21’s.

Lap 9: Hayes makes a spectacular move to overtake both Zemke and Hayden.

Lap 10: Hayes and Hayden have swapped the top spot four times so far. Hayes leads at the end of lap ten, beating his rival by .33 seconds.

Lap 12: Hayes and Hayden are beginning to separate again. The two title contenders are separated by .2 seconds. Jake Zemke and Blake Young are battling it out for third.

Lap 14: The superbike race at NJMP is turning into a two man show. Hayden is right on Hayes’ tail as the two speed around the track. Zemke still holds the advantage over Young.

Lap 16: Young makes a pass to overtake Hopkins for third place. Hayden looks like he is biding his time for a late race pass on Hayes.

Lap 17: Hayes has a .2 second lead over Hayden. Both riders are consistnently lapping below 1’22.

Lap 18: Hayden makes his move and overtakes Hayes. The two riders are neck and neck at the front.

Lap 19: Zemke goes wide and gets passed up by Young, Hopkins, and McCormic.

Lap 20: Hayden is holding onto the lead by the smallest of margins. Hayden has a .04 second lead. Young and the rest of the pack are four seconds behind of the two leaders.

Lap 21: Hayden Hayes, Hayes Hayden, Hayes retakes the lead on the 21st lap.

FINAL LAP: As we enter the final lap, Hayes holdes onto the lead by just .078 seconds.

Hayden couldn’t get back in front of Hayes on the last lap. Hayes wins the second race for the AMA Superbike in New Jersey, giving himself a perfect weekend. The two will battle it out for the final batch of points in Alabama in two weeks.

John Hopkins was able to hold off Blake Young for third.

Race Results: Hayes / Hayden / Hopkins / Young / McCormick / Zemke / May / Knapp

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