AMA Pro Racing Preview: New Jersey

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of

ama_proracingWith just two events left in the AMA Pro Racing series, Superbike rider Josh Hayes is doing everything he can to hold onto his slim 11 point lead ahead of Tommy Hayden. Hayden and Hayes have been going win for win lately, as both have been riding at the top of their games. The battle for the title will likely be decided in the final race, unless someone cracks under the pressure in New Jersey.

Hayes will be confident going into this weekend’s race. He won both races in New Jersey last year, beating out 7 time AMA Superbike Champion Mat Mladin in race one, and Hayden in race two. But don’t expect either rider to dwell on the past. There is a lot riding on this weekend’s race in New Jersey, and both riders will do all they can do gain the advantage for the final round of the AMA Superbike.

The battle for third place is also a highly contested match. Jake Zemke and Ben Bostrom are separated by just 12 points. Zemke has the lead going into New Jersey, but Zemke hasn’t had the best luck as of late. He’s missed the top five in the past three races, unlike Bostrom who has been consistently on the podium recently.

In the Daytona Sportbike division, the battle for the championship is a tight three way battle between season leader and reigning champion, Danny Eslick, Josh Herrin, and Martin Cardenas. Eslick holds a 12 point advantage over Herrin, and 14 points over Cardenas going into this weekend’s round.

Eslick has the least amount of wins this season out of the top three, but he has consistently placed on the podium, and only once finished below the top five.

J.D. Beach has been hot in the Supersport division. Beach has won 7 of the last 8 races, and the race he didn’t win he came in second. Beach currently has a 67 point lead over Huntley Nash, and it doesn’t look like anything is going to slow him down.

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