XDL Championship Series: Round Five Indianapolis

Written by Leah Stunts, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

indy_frontMotorcycles rule the city of Indianapolis about this time of year. Riders flock from around the country and world to enjoy being a majority on the roads for one special weekend. Motorcyclists are in their element and enjoy streets closed down just for them, endless entertainment and plenty of bike talk. One of those closed roads featured a special event for riders a little more extreme then even two-wheeled riders: the one wheeled riders. The XDL Championship Series round five and final round  gave Indy all it had on both Friday and Saturday night.

The series ended with a bang after a very exciting year including exposure at the X-Games and creation of a TV series “Inside XDL” which will be airing this fall on Versus. The Indy XDL is always exciting for the riders and fans as it takes place in the heart of the city, which makes the urban streetbike warriors who compete feel a little more at home.  Fans packed the stands and barricades around the entire perimeter to be awed, shocked and sometimes a little scared as the best sportbike freestyle riders in the world competed for their places.

In this rapidly growing sport, each event features never before seen tricks and each year as the speed and danger get turned up the excitement and wrecks are inevitable. BMW rider Teach McNeil pushed the limits of his S 1000 RR during his final round and sent the beautiful machine flipping down the parking lot after a high-speed burnout. The fans and riders were happy to see him bounce up from the wreck and hear him thank his dedicated fans for their support and energy. Series Champion and Yamaha rider, Bill Dixon extended his signature, switchback wheelie scrape so far he ended up on the pavement as well. Icon rider Nick Apex pulled some wild maneuvers out of his bag, as always, impressing fans and the judges enough to land him first in the FMF Cup Individual Freestyle, with Shift rider Luke Duke close on his heels. And the crowd fell in love with the first ever lady stunters of XDL and saw Dena Sodano take home first place in the Sartso Women’s Cup.

The raw, passionate beauty of this developing motorcycle sector was thoroughly appreciated by the city of Indy and XDL was sure to personally thank them with an extensive meet and greet with the riders. Each fan enjoyed meeting the riders and checking out the amazing modified machines that allow them to do what they do. If you missed the events this year, check out “Inside XDL” on Versus this fall and learn what it takes to be a top sportbike freestyle rider.

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