Spotlight: British Biker Cooperative

Written by Rodders, Courtesy of

bbc2010best-showbikeV2 Nope, they’re not the largest broadcasting conglomerate in the world, they just like to ride. The British Biker Cooperative (BBC) was founded in 1977 and is fueled by the passion of  the 150 member base of British motorcycle enthusiasts. The Milwaukee based group also publishes The British Steel, a quarterly magazine dedicated to the British motorcycle lifestyle. I find it particularly ironic that the group is based in Milwaukee; the Harley state, which is pretty much anti-British motorcycle.

The BBC sponsors meetings and other member related events. They also participate in outside events that garner exposure for the British motorcycle and those who appreciate them. The member base of the BBC includes racers, tourers, and everything in between. Most of the club members ride triumphs, but they also represent BSAs and Nortons, ArielMatador, Matchless, Royal Enfield, Sunbeam, Velocette, and Vincent.

According to the site, the BBC runs models from bone stock to completley customized. And the average age of the member base? 30. Quite surprising that younger chaps would be more interested in throwback bikes vs the old timers. The BBC also has a decicated female membership base. On the celeb tip, AMA hall of Famer and World Champ on the “Norton Hogslayer”, “TC” Christenson, is a dedicated member of the BBC, attending a good portion of the club’s events.

It’s great to see such a dedicated group to preserve the purity of the British motorcycle. Cheerio, BBC.

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