Norton Motorcycles to Race MotoGP

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of


In an effort to expand its grid size, the MotoGP is planning to change the rules and allow 1000cc engines to race in 2012. When this happens, the grid could have its first new entrant from Norton Motorcycles.

Most people don’t think of the Iconic Norton brand when they think of motorcycle racing, but Norton has a long history of success on the track, even if most of it came during the 1950’s. Norton has not raced competitvely for the past decade, but reportedly, Norton has reserved two spots on the 2012 MotoGP grid. Norton is currently developing the NRV 700 race bike, which will be the bigger brother of the the NRV 588.

Stuart Garner bought the rights to Norton in 2008, and since then the British brand has been back and producing motorcycles. A spot in the MotoGP will be an ambitious move for Norton, but it will also benefit the MotoGP by bringing a British Manufacturer to the paddock.

Norton is expected to race under the ‘Claiming Rule Team’ instead of the Factory team, which will allow Norton more fuel and engines for the season.

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