Aprilia Has Most Wins in MotoGP History

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.com

aprilia Italian brand Aprilia has the most wins in MotoGP history. Aprilia overtook MV Augusta as the manufacturer with the most wins last weekend as Spanish rider Nico Terol won in the 125 class at the Czech Republic GP.

Aprilia now has 276 wins in the MotoGP, one more than MV Augusta. Aprilia has 133 race wins in the 125 class, 143 in the 250 class, 36 World Championships, and 18 manufacturer championships.

Aprilia has been racing in the MotoGP since 1985, when it made its MotoGP debut in the 250 class. It took Aprilia 2 years to take its first win, which was achieved by Loris Reggiani in 1987.

Aprilia won its first 125 class World Championship in 1992, and in 1994, Max Biaggi won the 250 World Championship.

But Aprilia’s winning ways extend past the MotoGP. They have 43 championships overall, including 7 in off-road disciplines. They are also currently involved in the World Superbike. Max Biaggi has 9 wins so far in this years WSBK competition, helping Aprilia to lead in both the individual and manufacturer standings.

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