The Lil Derbi with Big Attitude

Written by Rodders, Courtesy of

gpr_50_racing Granted the Derbi 50cc racing isn’t available in the US, but who gives a crap, it’s cool as hell. I don’t know for the life of me why Piaggio doesn’t bring these lil’ rockets to the US. Maybe we’re too goofy of a country to appreciate a 2-stroke sportbike. Or it could be that the US doesn’t really take riding seriously…It’s more of a hobby here in the states.

I mean, if there’s a bike night that has beer and cruisers, then they come out in droves, but the races this year at Daytona were depressing. WSBK and MotoGP are jam packed at every race, but I guess there are too many turns for the US consumer. Thanks NASCAR.

Whatever the reason, we’re all missing out on the Derbi. Liquid-cooled, 6-speed dream wetting fun for around town…And with that 2-stroke engine, yummy power delivery. Well here’s my vote. Who’s with me?

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