Riders Roll Into Sturgis With A Few Days Before Kick-Off

Written by Taryn Kukucka, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.comaug_rally
Bikers have been gearing up all summer for the ultimate motorcycle rally…of course I’m talking about Sturgis. Being the 70th Anniversary, this years rally is sure to be one hell of a biker’s paradise.

Even though the events don’t commence until the 9th, riders have been roaring their cruisers into South Dakota for the past week. Some exciting things that bikers can expect this year are amazing concerts featuring Bob Dylan and Guns N’ Roses, a biker bash, and outdoor motorsports. Jay Leno and his Tonight Show team will be at covering at The Legendary Buffalo Chip on August 8th and 9th. Pee-wee Herman will also be in attendance, as he helps to lead the bikers in the World’s Largest Tequila Dance.

Can’t make it to the party at Sturgis? Check out the Sturgis homepage and videos as the bikers prepare for the week ahead.

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