Lascorz Could Miss Remainder of WSS Season

Written by Dan Evon, Courtesy of AllAboutBikes.comwss_lascorz
Joan Lascorz could be out for the rest of the World Supersport season. Lascorz, who was in a three way battle for the title, was involved in a terrible accident during the race at Silverstone this past weekend.Lascorz made contact with Eugene Laverty at the beginning of the race, and went down to the pavement. He was hit by two other bikes, and sent Roberto Tamburini into the barrier.

Tamburini suffered a broken collar bone, while Lascorz suffered four broken ribs, an injured shoulder and finger, and it is reported that he has blood in his lungs.

Lascorz will be in the hospital for at least another week, and his return is still up in the air. Their is no set schedule for his recovery, but most speculate that Lascorz won’t be back on a bike for at least a month.

The next World Supersport event isn’t until September 5th, so Lascorz does have some time to recover. Unfortunately, if he misses a race, he will lose his chance to win the title.

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